David Mackay

Without the hot air

01 May 2009

Internationally known for his work on information theory, machine learning and novel forms of communication, Professor David MacKay has devoted much of his time recently to public teaching about energy. His well-received book Sustainable Energy - Without the Hot Air was published in December 2008

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Secret to night vision found

17 Apr 2009

The night vision abilities of nocturnal animals such as mice is down to the unconventional way that DNA is packaged within the nuclei of specialised cells responsible for low light vision, say Cambridge University researchers.

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The Bose-Einstein condensate

Cool Machines

10 Apr 2009

At about a billionth of a degree above absolute zero, a machine built by the Cold Atoms Group at the Cavendish Laboratory is one of the coolest places on Earth.

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Fiber Optics

Guiding the light

01 Sep 2007

Pioneering research shines new light on our understanding of the way we see the world. Optical fibres have now been found to exist in vertebrate eyes, channelling light down their length and delivering it without distortion straight to the cells that ‘see’.

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False colour image of the carbon monoxide gas in the Orion molecular cloud observed using HARP.

Hunting for protostars

01 Sep 2007

Looking deep inside the swirling dust clouds that make up stellar nurseries – the birth place of stars – can help unravel mysteries of the birth and evolution of galaxies like our own.

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