Image-guided intensity modulated RT plan for a patient with a spinal  tumour. The radiation dose is shaped away from the kidneys (yellow  outlines) and the spinal nerve roots (inside the green outline). The colour wash represents radiation dose

Project to improve radiotherapy planning

30 Jan 2012

A collaborative project between physicists, oncologists and computer scientists at Oxford and Cambridge Universities, launched last month, will develop improved tools for the planning of high precision radiotherapy. Accel-RT will also help overcome time constraints that currently limit the use of complex radiotherapy treatment.

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Intestinal cells

Stem cell casino

18 Mar 2011

A shake of the dice and a nod from the neighbour – new facets of stem cell biology uncovered when methods in theoretical physics were used to solve a biological problem.

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Research lays foundation for new era of electronics

10 Jan 2011

Physicists from the Hitachi Cambridge Laboratory, the University of Cambridge and other institutes have successfully developed technology to enable the control and detection of spin current in a similar way to electric current.

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Organic solar cells

Organic solar cells

01 Aug 2009

How can the cost of solar cells be reduced enough to make them a feasible source of large-scale renewable energy? The answer is to make them thin.

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