Gaia’s mission: solving the celestial puzzle

19 Dec 2013

A space mission to create the largest, most-accurate, map of the Milky Way in three dimensions has been launched today. Astronomers say the data gathered by the satellite will “revolutionise” our understanding of the galaxy and the universe beyond.

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Artist impression of Sagittarius

A beast with four tails

30 Nov 2011

The Milky Way galaxy continues to devour its small neighbouring dwarf galaxies and the evidence is spread out across the sky.

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Artist's impression of a dwarf galaxy seen from the surface of a hypothetical exoplanet.

Dark matter is smoother than we thought

25 Oct 2011

If a galaxy is seen as a peach, the standard cosmological model portrays dark matter as the ‘pit at its centre’. Now a study of two dwarf galaxies by astrophysicists at the Institute of Astronomy suggests that dark matter is evenly distributed to make a ‘pitless peach’.

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