Mice sing like jet engines to find a mate

10 Oct 2016

Mice court one another with ultrasonic love songs that are inaudible to the human ear. New research shows they make these unique high frequency sounds using a mechanism that has only previously been observed in supersonic jet engines.

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Who will be the winners and losers in our digital society?

03 Oct 2016

Can we truly trust computers in ‘high-stakes’ applications such as robotic surgery, terrorism detection and driverless cars? Have the internet and social media driven an explosion in the number of conspiracy theories around the world? And how can we protect ourselves the increasingly ingenious cybercriminals?

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Harnessing the possibilities of the nanoworld

29 Sep 2016

Scientists have long suspected that the way materials behave on the nanoscale – that is when particles have dimensions of about 1–100 nanometres – is different from how they behave on any other scale. A new paper in the journal Chemical Science provides concrete proof that this is the case. 

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