New solar cell

Here comes the sun…

08 Feb 2012

Scientists have developed a new kind of solar cell which could capture significantly more of the energy from the sun than current cells.

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Six steps to a better material world

30 Nov 2011

Every year we make 10 times our own bodyweight of steel, aluminium, cement, plastics and paper, for every person alive, using a fifth of all the world’s energy supply to do so. Now researchers are releasing a manifesto to change that and help cut carbon emissions. And they’ve also released an album of songs to go with it.

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In soil we trust

14 Jul 2011

Far from being merely ‘dirt’, soil plays a fundamental role in food production, water availability and biodiversity. A new research programme aims to safeguard its future sustainable management.

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Coal power plant

Clean power from coal

01 Aug 2009

Coal – affordable and still abundant – but also the worst offender when it comes to fuel-associated carbon emissions. How well can coal be cleaned up?

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