Artwork by Nondumiso Hlwele

Activist art reflects fight for rights of African AIDS sufferers

22 Jun 2012

A new exhibition launching at the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology explores the psychology and politics of living with HIV/AIDS in South Africa, where social stigmas meant that those suffering with the disease have had to campaign for work, education and life-prolonging drugs.

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A Priscilla Barrett exhibition opens at the Zoology Museum on March 23

Carnivores of the world

22 Mar 2012

An exhibition of beautiful, detailed paintings depicting all the World’s carnivores by top wildlife artist Priscilla Barrett will be on display at the University Museum of Zoology, Cambridge from Friday March 23 until Thursday April 5 inclusive.

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Tudor pendant

Treasures lost and found

05 May 2011

An exhibition of precious objects found in East Anglia provides a window into the lives of both the people who lost their treasures and those who found them.

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library light

Libraries and light

01 May 2010

Research in the Department of Architecture aims to reveal the creative potential of light in the design of contemporary libraries.

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Body Map

What do we think we are?

20 Mar 2009

Would you like to hear sounds from deep within the body, consider the similarities between a funeral sculpture and the structure of DNA, or explore the classical idea of beauty?

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