Archive of Margaret Thatcher acquired for the nation

18 Jun 2015

Margaret Thatcher’s previously unpublished memoir of the Falklands War has been acquired for the nation - after Arts Council England today announced the acceptance in lieu of inheritance tax of papers from the estate of the former Prime Minister.

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Waterloo: the first draft of history

30 Apr 2015

A letter written from the body-strewn battlefield at Waterloo, an invasion map of the UK, and a book from Napoleon’s personal library in exile will go on display in Cambridge during one of the first major Waterloo exhibitions of the bicentenary commemorations.

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Tricks of the trade: magic and mischief in the making

19 Nov 2014

Victorian magicians Rhys Morgan and Robert West will be at Sidney Sussex College tonight (19 November 2014) where their show will provoke discussions about the nature of truth, the skills of deception, and the blurred lines between what's real and what's imagined. All welcome. 

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