Why marvellous isn't awesome any more

27 Aug 2014

Using the Spoken British National Corpus 2014, a very large collection of recordings of real-life, informal, spoken interactions between speakers of British English from across the United Kingdom, Cambridge University Press and Lancaster University are shedding light on the way our spoken language changes over time.

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What is English?

16 May 2013

English speakers who are 18 or under use the word ‘like’ in conversation over five times as often as speakers who are over 70; ‘because’ is the most misspelled English word globally; the word ‘love’ is said and written over six times more frequently than the word ‘hate’. We know all of this because of a multibillion-word database called the Cambridge English Corpus.

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It's a rude gesture in the UK; in this French poster it advertises two pairs of sunglasses for the price of one

Rude, moi?

01 Nov 2012

The French and British are historic foes. The wars may be over but the rivalry continues. Tomorrow (2 November) Christophe Gagne from the French Department will discuss our contrasting communication styles.

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