Graphene shown to safely interact with neurons in the brain

29 Jan 2016

Researchers have shown that graphene can be used to make electrodes that can be implanted in the brain, which could potentially be used to restore sensory functions for amputee or paralysed patients, or for individuals with motor disorders such as Parkinson’s disease. 

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University of Cambridge at the World Economic Forum 2016

15 Jan 2016

The Vice Chancellor of the University of Cambridge is to lead a delegation of academics to the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum at Davos, Switzerland, in January 2016, to explore issues including carbon reduction technologies and how science and engineering can best address society's greatest challenges.

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How real is the science in Star Wars?

18 Dec 2015

The anticipation is over: The Force Awakens is with us. To a self-confessed geek like Karen Yu from the Institute for Manufacturing, this is like all of her Christmases coming at once. It also raises some very important questions: what is the Force, how do you make a lightsaber – and does the new film finally put to rest the ghost of The Phantom Menace?

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An experiment at the Cavendish Laboratory

Raising aspirations in local schools

09 Dec 2015

Members of a Cambridge University access group dedicated to raising aspirations in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough state schools have arranged over 51,000 interactions with local students, a new report reveals.

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