Tier 4 Extensions

If you are a registered student, and the University has granted you more time to complete your studies, then you can apply to extend your Tier 4 visa.  The Tier 4 application process for extensions is the same as all Tier 4 applications. You will require a new CAS that you should request from the International Student Team and you will have to provide the evidence detailed in your CAS. However, if you are applying whilst your permission remains you can evidence lower levels of living costs.

You can apply in the UK or outside the UK. If applying in the UK you must do this before your visa expires, otherwise you will become an overstayer (which is a criminal offence). The University requires you to keep us informed of the progress of your application. 

Whilst your application is being considered, you will be without your passport and so you must not plan any travel.

Before applying consider the following:

  • If you required ATAS clearance previously, you require ATAS clearance again. Therefore, check your ATAS statement, requesting your Supervisor to update if any detail has changed. You require ATAS clearance before making your Tier 4 application
  • Will the extension take you over the time limit to study?
  • If you are required to hold a Police Registration Certificate, make sure you have this as you must include in your application
  • Can you demonstrate funds to meet any remaining course fees and living costs? If you are extending your permission whilst your visa is valid you are only required to demonstrate two months of living costs, as you meet the 'established presence' condition
  • Have you obtained any criminal convictions (including traffic offences) since your last application?  If so you must declare.

Switching from Tier 4 to another visa category

If you switch out of Tier 4 anytime during the period of your Tier 4 permission, you must inform your College and the International Student Team. This is because, we have to report this change to the Home Office (UKVI), and only on evidence of your new visa will we release you from Tier 4 responsibilities. Your College will upload your new visa into your student record.

Switching into Tier 4

If you were granted permission to start your studies on an alternative visa, but need Tier 4 to complete your studies, please contact the International Student Team. We will support you in making a Tier 4 application.