The psychiatrist who does stand up

16 Mar 2017

He discovered performing at medical school in India and, as a PhD student, began to devise his own material. Armed with his ‘baloney detection kit’, researcher Hisham Ziauddeen uses stand up to demonstrate the folly of bogus science.

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The engineer preparing for lift-off

08 Mar 2017

University Lecturer Dr Jenni Sidey grew up inspired by Canada’s first female astronaut. Now she’s undergoing selection tests with the Canadian Space Agency to be an astronaut herself. She’s passionate about women and engineering — and fascinated by fire.

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The man at the centre of the University

01 Mar 2017

He holds the keys to the Senate House and plays a vital part in the smooth running of a historic site at the heart of Cambridge. Launching a new series of features focusing on some of the people that contribute to life at the University, Andre Farrington-Bone shares his story.

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Case study: changing attitudes to mental health and illness

14 Jun 2016

Since its launch last year, the Clinical School's Wellbeing Programme has heralded a culture change in attitudes to mental health and illness. Senior HR Adviser Caroline Newman explains how the programme is helping to dispel enduring myths about mental health.

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Spotlight on: the role of technicians

13 Jun 2016

Technicians have been a pivotal part of Cambridge's ground-breaking research for centuries, yet their work is largely invisible to the outside world. Some of these unsung heroes share their experiences.

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Spotlight on: IT

05 Feb 2016

Information technology plays a vital role in today’s research, teaching and administration. The University’s Director of Information Services explains how Cambridge is shaping up.

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Spotlight on: alternative meeting spaces

29 Jan 2016

Meeting space may be at a premium at the University but Cambridge has a cornucopia of cafes and open spaces that can be a great alternative to departments and colleges. Staff from across the University share some of their favorite spots.

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Research focus: why Africa matters

16 Oct 2015

Every year, for the next five years, five African students will embark on PhDs at Cambridge as part of a new initiative under the Cambridge-Africa programme.

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