School girls in the Central African Republic

First comprehensive characterisation of genetic diversity in Sub-Saharan Africa

03 Dec 2014

Researchers from the African Genome Variation Project (AGVP) have published the first attempt to comprehensively characterise genetic diversity across Sub-Saharan Africa. The study of the world’s most genetically diverse region will provide an invaluable resource for medical researchers and provides insights into population movements over thousands of years of African history. These findings appear in the journal Nature.

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New US Gates Cambridge Scholars announced

12 Feb 2014

Forty of the most academically brilliant and socially committed young people in the USA will take up a Gates Cambridge Scholarship to study at the University of Cambridge this autumn as the programme continues to expand to a diverse range of institutions across North America. 

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Gates Cambridge welcomes 51 new Scholars

09 Apr 2013

Fifty-one of the world's most academically brilliant and socially committed young people from 24 countries have been selected as Gates Cambridge Scholars and will begin their postgraduate courses at the University of Cambridge this October.

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Mike Marin.

The crisis of shareholder primacy

19 Mar 2012

If we want to prevent the next financial crisis, a new model of corporate governance is needed to replace shareholder primacy in financial institutions. Gates Scholar Mike Marin explains why.

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Angkor Wat Sunrise.

Ancient lessons for a modern challenge

20 Jan 2012

The seat of the Khmer Empire in Cambodia mysteriously collapsed in the 15th century. Now a University of Cambridge Gates Scholar has pieced together its climate history and put forward a compelling new theory to explain its demise.

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Influenza virus

Cartographers of the infectious world

25 Oct 2011

Cambridge scientists, and their map-making skills, are contributing to an annual worldwide public health endeavour – the race to select a vaccine against seasonal flu.

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Children's finger fluting at Rouffignac

Prehistoric pre-school

30 Sep 2011

Archaeological research reveals that 13,000 years before CBeebies hunter-gatherer children as young as three were creating art in deep, dark caves alongside their parents.

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