Our war with microbes

23 Jun 2004

Professor Joshua Lederberg, Professor-Emeritus of Molecular Genetics and Informatics at Rockefeller University, will be speaking at the Sackler Distinguished Lecture at the School of Clinical Medicine about the evolutionary competition of humans with microbial species.

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Clinical School renews sponsorship agreement

08 Jul 2003

Leading pharmaceuticals company Merck Sharp & Dohme (MSD) have recently entered into a new educational sponsorship agreement to give a further £1.5m to the University to support the training of future neuroscientists at Cambridge.

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Inflammatory material

26 Jul 2002

A new scanning technique developed at the University of Cambridge could revolutionise the diagnosis and treatment of heart disease and stroke, by letting doctors see damaged arteries in more detail.

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New medical course launched

11 Oct 2001

The School of Clinical Medicine has launched a major new development in medical education. The Cambridge Graduate Course in Medicine is an innovative four-year course designed to allow graduates from any discipline to enter the medical profession.

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BioMedVet Graduate Shake-up

20 Jun 2000

The university's Faculties of Biology, Clinical Medicine, and Clinical Veterinary Medicine are unveiling a series of major reforms to their graduate training programmes.

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Cancer Findings Offer New Hope

15 Dec 1999

Using antibodies to detect cancerous cells may be the way forward in the detection of cervical and other cancers. This is the ground-breaking finding of Dr Gareth Williams and colleagues at the Wellcome Trust/Cancer Research Campaign Institute.

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